Our Story

To truly appreciate coffee, you must first understand its story...


As a specialty coffee company, we get to enjoy moments, build friendships and share stories over a cup of coffee all the time.  We love it.  It could be about what is going on in the world, what’s happening at someone’s workplace or where they’re off to on their travels but occasionally we get asked… What’s Gold Goat? 

Well, the story of Gold Goat is a simple story that has become folklore in ……

Kaldi was a legendary Ethiopian goat herder who discovered the coffee plant around 850 AD.

Kaldi noticed that when his goats were nibbling on a certain bright red berries bush, they became more energetic, in popular phrase ‘jumping goats’, and wondered what it was.  Inquisitive, he chewed on the fruit himself. After a while he realised that his mood was heightened and was more alert.  His exhilaration prompted him to bring the berries to a monk in a nearby monastery.

The monk disapproved of their use and threw them into a fire, from which an enticing aroma billowed out of the fire. Kaldi waited until the fire had burned down and quickly raked from the embers the roasted beans, he experimented and ground it up dissolving it into hot water, yielding the world's first cup of coffee

Our appreciation of this story is for us to honour the first goat who initially found the berry bush, calling our brand GOLD GOAT