Our Blends

Having spent a long time perfecting our craft, we are extremely proud of our range of blends

We believe coffee should about quality flavour, easy to perfect and simple to enjoy. Have a read through our blends, learn about the way we roast, see which one tickles your fancy and find your favourite today!

Brazil | Columbia | Costa Rica


Kaldi is a blend of beans, medium roasted to create a smooth, easy drinking coffee. Whether you prepare it as an espresso, filter coffee or any of the other way will dictate the different flavour profiles you will detect. 

100% Arabica Beans carefully roasted to the same degree of perfection time and time again.

Brazil | Columbia | Uganda


Our Italian espresso style blend gives a full-bodied mix of the sweeter notes.

Mix of Arabica & Robusta Beans


Rustic Decaf

This is a delicious and classic example of the best coffee from Peru.

100% Arabica Beans, Decaffeinated


Coffee Capsules

Congo capsules have a delicate tea like body
with tasting notes juicy soft apples with honey sweetness

Decaffeinated capsules
that are staple taste from Brazil that sets a smooth creamy body with a mild, sweet texture for the pallet with hints of chocolate and roasted Nuts