Where Should You Store Coffee?

We Finally Settle the Cupboard vs. Freezer debate

The best place for those grounds and why.


Coffee to some is the Holy Grail, their touch of gold aroma in the morning, a hit that only Mike Tyson could give you…  what we’re trying to say is a precious cargo that only the Knights Templar would be befitted to carry.  In simple terms, coffee beans are a non-negotiable grocery item in nearly every home in the modern world. But caffeine content is not everything; coffee is a delicious drink, meant to be prepared, stored, and served properly.

One of the most common questions we receive is about storage.  You need to keep your coffee beans or grounds as fresh as possible but there's so much information and tips there’s a lot of confusion. Is the kitchen cupboard the right place, the fridge or should we be storing them in the freezer? Luckily for you guys, we have the answers

Keep It Shelved

The best way to keep ground coffee or whole beans fresh is to store the coffee on a shelf in an opaque airtight container away from light, heat and moisture.  If you don't have a canister, close the top of the bag with a rubber band then put the bag in a resealable plastic bag.

When you freeze the coffee you use every day, the fluctuating temperatures create moisture which sits in the packet.  What does this moisture do?  It can leave your cup tasting like liquified cardboard. So why do so many coffee connoisseurs keep their stashes in the freezer? Probably because they stock up and store the coffee there for a longer time