How do coffee subscriptions work?

The coffee culture in the UK has advanced miraculously from the era where drinking coffee at home was said to consume a miracle coffee, granulated coffee or only black coffee. Today most of us are already familiar or addicted to the home coffee machines and the specific capsules we like, and have somehow bypassed the coffee grinding stage at home. Now, a new service from Gold Goat Coffee offers something very exciting to all those coffee worshipers out there. 

So how about the idea of having coffee shipped directly to your front door? We think this sounds like an incredible concept. At Gold Goat Coffee, that is exactly what can become a reality! 

Coffee from our door to yours

A coffee subscription is an easy concept that takes the difficulties out of choosing new coffees and having to queue up and buy them during a busy lifestyle. We know that coffee is often a vital part of our daily routine; it certainly helps us pin our eyes open at the desk. So, when we talk about coffee subscriptions, we offer you the choice of a range of subscriptions to suit your taste buds and style. And we can tell you exactly how easy that is:

  1. You search and select your chosen coffee blend. Alternatively, you can opt for a rotating subscription, offering a little extra excitement when you open your package. Live life on the edge! 
  2. You tell us how many bags you need and how often you want them delivered to your door.  We don't want our customers to feel suffocated at the idea of a long term contract so you can pause it at any time if you want. 
  3. You create your account, simply and easily, review the subscription and head to the checkout.
  4. The next part is the easiest. You can relax and wait for your coffee to arrive at your door. 
  5. Bonus step - you can always freeze your coffee, making them last longer so that you always have that emergency stash when you need it the most! 
Why choose us?

We know what good coffee is. All our blends are tried and tested and have received the best reviews - and if you still need convincing, our expert coffee team is always on hand to ensure that you have as much information about your subscription as you need. Whether that’s choosing the best type of coffee, the best way to make your coffee and what will taste the best with your coffee! It’s also good to note that we also cater for those coffee lovers who aren’t so keen on the caffeine kick but enjoy the taste, with our Rustic decaf coffee. Try today so you can really see what all the fuss is about!